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About Umoja ni Nguvu Trading cc

has a passion for making things work. It all started with the founder, Mr. Mateso - a master engineer with decades of experience in handy-work, tooling and many other areas. Unparalleled quality and service, is the foundation of Mateso's beliefs and standards - principals that are always cast in stone. 

We are more than just Handymen!

Umoja ni Nguvu offers general plumbing Services to commercial and private entities, our services include:  

* Leak detection
* Leaking Pipes
* Leaking taps
* Burst Geyser
* Fault Find
* Geyser repairs
* General site maintenance
* Bathroom Renovations
* Blocked drains
* Water Heat pump installations
* Blocked toilets
* All plumbing repairs
* Bathroom renovations
* Alliance Geyser Heat Pumps
* General Plumbing Work

  • Geysers (normal and solar)
    new installations, replacements and maintenance
  • Pipe installations
  • Drainage, copper pipes, galvanized pipes; pvc pipes, high pressure pvc pipes, conversions and upgrades, emergency supply piping systems.
    Burst pipes
  • We are specializing in all types of burst pipes: residential, industrial, commercial.
  • Pressure regulating valves, we replace and maintain all types of pressure valves residential, industrial and commercial.
High and low pressure irrigation systems, pipe selection and irrigation sprinkler planning



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Drain Cleaning

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Residential Plumbing

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We can attend to and sort out a host of general residential plumbing problems including the following:
Burst Pipes, New Basins, New Toilets, Heat Pumps, Tap Washers, Solar Geysers, Leak Detection, Blocked Drains, New Water Mains, New shower roses, Valve Replacements, Geyser Replacements, Toilet Seat Replacements
Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations, General toilet repairs and maintenance.